About Occasions

The grounds and facilities at Occasions at Wedgefield offer you and your guests all the comforts you can imagine. Providing you with an event thats as close to perfection as possible is our goal.

Olivia’s Garden and Caldwell Pavilion

For the Ceremony, Olivia’s Garden provides an intimate outdoor setting with towering evergreens, a stately white arbor, white wedding chairs and beautifully manicured grounds, accommodating up to 175 guests.  To ease concerns about weather, Occasions at Wedgefield always has a “Plan B” in place if the Ceremony needs to be moved inside at the last minute. No worries!

Created in the style of the estate, Caldwell Pavilion offers a classic background for the ultimate wedding reception!  With our elegantly gabled entry, floor to ceiling windows, floor length table linens/chair covers, hurricane candle centerpieces, specialty lighting/décor, and black/white dance floor. We are confident we can make your Dreams come true!

The Ideal Location for that Special Day

Occasions at Wedgefield strives to make your day “near perfect”. We opened in 2002 with the philosophy that we were going to make each event special and memorable.  Over 450 weddings later, we still have the same philosophy.

Make Perfect Memories

When you are planning a special day, you want everything to be perfect. We can help you achieve that perfect look and feel to your event while easing your workload. We have all the basics to make everything work… tables, chairs, bar and catering facilities. We can also provide custom colored linens, floral arrangements, DJ’s, dance floors and more! Contact us to find out how we can make your event stand out from the crowd!